Our Organic Elderberry Syrup is BACK!!


Some of use are excited about fall arriving, while others dread it as the leaves begin to fall, seasonal plants die, daylight dwindles, and the temperature fall.

Oh! Let's not forget about the dreaded cold & flu season. These nasty viruses seem to appear earlier and earlier each year.

One organic remedy, elderberries, have been used for thousands of years as both medicine and in food. Many people consider the elderberry plant to be one of the most powerful for preventing and treating colds & the flu. They swear by its antiviral properties. The results of some studies show that elderberries do indeed have significant benefits against flu & cold symptoms. 



Most people consider the elderberry plant to be one of the most powerful for preventing and treating colds & the flu.

93.3% of the people taking elderberry syrup reported significant improvement in flu symptoms within 2 days of starting it. 



Meet The Maker

Our Elderberry holistic doctor, Angela Streur Lott

She is a Certified Natural Health Professional. She is also a Certified Health Specialist! AND she is currently working on finishing her Naturopathic Doctor Certification!
*Angela is located right here in the area, we love to support our community



Q & A

Q: Why smaller batches?
⭐ Quality over quantity. Our smaller batches are more powerful & less diluted. A lot of syrup maker are currently doing big batches which loose their potency and quality is diluted. This way is certainly less efficient. We're doing it limited & in small batches because we believe in doing it the right way!

Q: Risks for elderberry syrup?
A: Most elderberry syrup contains honey which should not be given under the age of 1 for risk of botulism from the honey rather than the elderberry itself. Also one should not eat a raw elderberry as you will have a major tummy ache. 

Q:  What are elderberries?
A: Elderberry (sambucus) is a small, shrubby tree that is native to most of Europe. The Elderberry plant is historically used as a medicinal plant. For centuries, the fruits from this tree were eaten by early settlers in Europe and North America. They prepared a primitive elderberry syrup and used it as a remedy for fevers associated with colds and the flu virus. 

Q:  Can elderberry syrup help other illnesses besides the common cold & the flu?
A: Yes! With elderberry's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it makes sense that it can also help with sinus issues. Also, the berry has traditionally been used to treat diabetes. Research has confirmed that extracts of elderberry stimulate glucose metabolism and the secretion of insulin, lowering blood sugar levels. 

Q: How are elderberries thought to work as an antiviral?
A: A prime mechanism of action is that elderberries contain hemagglutinin protein. This protein has been shown to stop a virus' capability to replicate, thereby preventing the virus from causing infection if taken before exposed.

Q: What if I am already sick?
A: If elderberries are taken after infection, that keeps the virus from spreading, which reduces the duration of flu symptoms. 

Q: How do you use elderberry syrup?
A: Simply take 1 tablespoon daily for adults to prevent illness; if the flu does strike, take 1/2 - 1 tablespoon every 2 to 3 hours, instead of daily, until symptoms disappear. For 1-15 year old children take 1 teaspoon daily to prevent illness; if the flu does strike, take 1/2 teaspoon every 4 hours, instead of daily, until symptoms disappear.