We do the math: High-quality clothes save $$ Here is why:⬇️

It’s counter-intuitive, but you should spend a little more on the stuff you wear every day, because it will save you dollars in the end. Cheap clothes look like crap after four or five washings. Good clothes keep their shape, don’t shrink, and have better hand-me-down potential and resale value. 

Consider this: a pair of low cost jeans ($19) lasted for six months before there were holes in the knees and were too short (due to shrinkage). Resale value: $0; net cost per month: $3.17 

A pair of Deux par Deux jeans ($28 on sale) lasted for sixteen months (and my kid grows fast), looked good even with practically weekly washings, and were snapped up at the resale shop. Resale value: $8 Net cost per month: $1.25 (less if you have more than one kid of the same gender). 

Don’t get us wrong; we love low cost chain stores. You can’t beat it for a $5 t-shirt that will soon be splattered with paint, or for a dress-up outfit that runs the risk of being outgrown before leaving the hanger (mMan, that sucks). But for the everyday stuff, go for quality. Think Baby Sky Boutique; a Mooresville favorite, available via web, Instagram, and brick and mortar. www.BabySkyBoutique.com

We love consignment, but it’s usually the fashion from the year before which some don't mind, while others enjoy the new trends and uniqueness. 

Written by: Johanna River, Fashion blogger